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New Official Checklist

For New Officials joining WALOA for the 2019 season, Welcome To The Team!
We have created this checklist to help new officials get ready to hit the field.

These are the things you need to do before you can work your first game:
  1. Registered for the 2019 Youth or High School season?
    • Go here to create your Arbiter Account: WALOA Arbiter Account Creation
    • Officials that are under age 18 will be officiating Youth Games
    • Officials over age 18 may officiate Youth AND High School games
    • If you are eligible to officiate HS games you only need to register once, as a HS official
  2. US Lacrosse membership up to date?
    • Must have current US Lacrosse membership
    • Must have "official" added to your membership status (parents may have to contact US Lacrosse by phone to complete this process)
  3. WALOA Membership fee paid?
    • $55.00 for Youth 
    • $75.00 for HS
  4. Pass the US Lacrosse Rules Test(s)? US Lacrosse Rules Test site
    • Youth officials must pass the Boys Youth Rules test
    • HS officials should take both NFHS Boys Rules and Youth Rules tests
  5. Attend Mandatory Training Sessions
    • Each WALOA region will provide mandatory training sessions for new AND returning officials
    • Dates, times and locations are here: WALOA Training
    • Each region will have classroom AND field training sessions, all sessions must be completed
  6. Got your stripes?
    • Review uniform requirements at US Lacrosse
    • Links to different sites are shown on the WALOA Training page under Uniform
  7. Are you available?
    • Make sure you have correctly set up your Arbiter account and are eligible to be assigned
  8. You're Ready!!!
If you have more questions, check the FAQ section.
Or you can contact:
 Jeff Bambrick
WALOA Trainer