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WALOA uses Arbiter Sports for scheduling of games and RefPay for payments. It is necessary for you to be set up correctly in both systems in order to be scheduled for games and receive payment. The annual rules tests are online this year and can also be found in Arbiter Sports, through the new US Lacrosse portal. Please follow the instructions below to get your environments set up correctly.

US Lacrosse Portal in Arbiter (http://uslacrosse.arbitersports.com):
It is important that you create your login in Arbiter using the same email address you have on file with US Lacrosse. Once that is correct, you can follow This Guide by US Lacrosse for accessing the tests. Youth Officials must only take the Youth Rules test, but High School Officials will need to take both the Youth and High School rules test.

Create a RefPay Account:
  • Login to Arbiter.
  • Go to the PAYMENTS tab.
  • Click the RefPay tab.
  • Click on the RefPay logo at the top center of the page.
  • You will be directed to a new site – RefPay.com.
  • Create a RefPay account. Your login will be your email address.
    This is a just like a bank account. Enter your desired method of payment and relevant account information. You can either obtain a debit card from them that funds are automatically added to, or have them automatically transfer funds to your bank account when you are paid, or have them send you a check, or set the system to keep your funds in the account until you login and have them electronically transferred to your bank account. All but the last option listed involve some transaction fees.
  • Complete the account by creating your 4-digit RefPay Security Key. This is a number you have to remember – just like a bank card pin number.
  • Logout of RefPay.
Link your RefPay Account to Arbiter:
  • Login to Arbiter.
  • Go to the PAYMENTS tab.
  • Click the Refpay tab.
  • Enter your Refpay Login in the box. (Your login is your email address.)
  • Click the green PLUS button on the left.
  • You will then see your account number below the blue line.
  • Enter your 4-digit RefPay Security Key in box.
  • Then click on the Save symbol (the blue disk on the left).
  • Your account will then be linked.