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"Our mission is to create a safe environment where lacrosse players can have fun while learning to play the game by the rules."

Note to parents: Being a successful lacrosse official requires a high level of responsibility and maturity. If a high school student has the requisite level of responsibility and maturity, he or she should be able to complete the process on his or her own. Because of that, we ask that parents refrain from e-mailing or calling on behalf of their children. If your child has a question or issue, please have your child address it with one of the instructors or training coordinators.

Please read and have with you the following rule books and mechanics manuals at all training sessions.

2019 High School & Youth Rules

2019 Mechanics Manuals

Timers & Scorers



To register as a new or returning Youth or High School official this year:

1. Renew your US Lacrosse Membership at www.uslacrosse.org/membership.  Make sure you are registered as an Official, as well as player or coach.

2. Go to http://waloa.arbitersports.com/front/106941/Registration

3. Check the appropriate box, then click "Register". All adults (not currently attending High School) register as High School officials. If you are currently attending High School, register for Officiating Youth Games.

4. Complete or update required form and payment information.

5. Registration Fees:

     Youth Officials:  $55

     HS Officials: $75

NOTE: Your email address is the unique identifier for the Arbiter and US Lacrosse databases. 

Your email address for Arbiter needs to be the same email address you have for your US Lacrosse Membership and for ArbiterPay.


Field Training Session - For anyone that missed the classroom session, and those wanting to brush up officiating skills.

Sunday 10 March 12:30-4:30, Jane Adams Field - Nathan Hale high School


South Sound (SSYLA):


0830-                    All instructors arrive at Curtis Jr High Commons area, 3725 Grandview Dr University Pl

0845-0900            Start checking in the officials, give each one a number to pin to their jersey, record their name and number in the roster sheets.

0900-0915            Brief review of daily plan, assign groups to each MBO

0920-0940            Rotation 1

0940-1000            Rotation 2

1000-1020            Rotation 3

1020-1040            Rotation 4

(1030)                   Returning officials that are assigned games break out and go to their fields (4 games, 8 officials)

1045                       Regroup, talk, all remaining officials/MBO’s head out to fields to observe games


Game Time (see schedule at bottom of email)

1100                       Games 1,2,3,4 with experienced officials on the field, new guys watching from sidelines/bleachers with MBO’s providing instruction

                                Use this as an opportunity to explain why the officials on the field are/are not doing something correctly, have your group anticipate the calls, where the refs should be, etc.

                                We will rotate the groups around to observe different levels of play (3-4, 5-6, 7-8)

                                Use this time to review mechanics, signals, etc


1200                       Games  5,6,7,8,9 same as above, rotate groups to observe different levels of play.

                                Discuss difference in rules application for different age groups.


1300                       Game 10,11,12,13,14 new officials take the field in groups with MBO’s/trainers leading the pack

                                Have 4-5 officials with the “lead”, 4-5 with the “trail, and 4-5 at the table.

                                Rotate through each spot.


(1400)                   Experienced officials can leave if they have been evaluated.


1400                       Games 15,16,17,18 continue the rotations

1500                       Games 19,20,21,22,23 continue the rotations

1600                       Games 24, 25,26,27 continue the rotations

Contact for Questions regarding South Sound Region: Jeff Bambrick: jbambrick@comcast.net  phone: (253) 579-2106

North Sound (NSYLA):

Where: Valley View Middle School in Snohomish

When:  Saturday, 2/23/19 (9:00 AM to 11:30 AM inside the Viking Room)

Who: All NSYL youth refs, MBO’s and trainees (others may attend if needed)


NYSL Jamboree

Sunday, 2/24, Kasch Park in Everett. Times/Fields are still TBD

We will assign an AM crew and a PM crew

Contact for Questions regarding North Sound Region: Chris Cote: chrisccote@comcast.net

Greater Eastside (GELL):

February 23, Kirkland Lacrosse Center, 10:00-4:00 (bring your lunch and warm clothes if weather is bad).  Full uniform!!!

February 24th, Sammamish Library 3:30-5:00

March 2  8:00 - 10:00 Pine Lake Middle School, additional field training

Contact for Questions regarding Greater Eastside Region:

 Andy Assante: andy.assante@gmail.com 


 Aaron Koransky: akoransky@me.com

Seattle Metro (SMYLA):

Field Training Session is scheduled for Sunday, February 24.

Montlake Community Center on Sunday, 1-3pm.

1618 east Calhoun St., Seattle WA

Contact for Questions regarding Seattle Metro Region: Ron Wright: rwright@rwaa.com

Tr-Cities/Yakima (CWLL)

Contact for Questions regarding CWLL Region: Bonnie Mitchell: besmitchell@gmail.com


Youth Officials Training - 

High School Officials

Tentative: February 23rd, 2019, Barbieri Student Center, Gonzaga Prep High School

New officials: 9:00-1:00

All officials: 12:00 - 1:00

Returning Officials: 12:00 - 3:00

Contact for Questions regarding Spokane Training Sessions:  Frank Lynch, franklynch@xmission.com


You are required to have a complete uniform for the field training sessions, and for working any games this season.
The common sources for starter packages are: 

Certification tests (both the NFHS Rules and the USL Youth Rules) will be administered online. More information is available on our testing page.






Job title

Mentor Bench Official (MBO)

Reports to

MBO Regional Manager


Job purpose


An MBO does the following three things.

  • Trains and teaches younger, less experienced officials.
  • Evaluates younger, less experienced officials.
  • Maintains control of the substitution box, coaches’ boxes, and the field of play to maintain the safety of the players and maintain an atmosphere of sportsmanship and respect. 


Duties and responsibilities


To fulfill the above stated purposes of the job, an MBO:

  • Knows and understands the rules and procedures of lacrosse fluently. An MBO is a trainer and should know all the finer points of the game so that these points can be passed on to the trainees. Fluent knowledge of lacrosse rules and procedures also gives an MBO the authority and deference necessary to both evaluate officials and maintain control of the game.


  • Arrives to the game field at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game. During pre-game conferences between the coaches and officials the MBO explains their job purpose (as described above). 


  • Instructs and conferences with on-field officials during all timeouts and period intermissions. The MBO gives specific feedback on what the on-field officials should improve upon and coaches them on these points throughout the game. The MBO also anticipates potential safety issues and reports them to the on-field officials in advance.


  • Maintains professionalism and calmness in the face of challenging and intense situations. 


  • Assesses penalties for violations on both coaches and players not called by the on-field officials to ensure a safe and sportsmanlike atmosphere. This includes, but is not limited to, assessing unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on coaches and/or players, assessing penalties for unnecessary roughness and/or illegal body checks, and assessing technical foul violations when coaches leave the designated coaching box. Generally, the MBO gives the on-field officials 1 – 2 seconds to assess a penalty and if they do not an MBO must step in and assess the penalty.


  • Dresses as an on-field official. An MBO must not have any unauthorized, non-official pieces of clothing showing while in the MBO role.


  • Completes an evaluation form of both on-field officials and submits this to the MBO regional manager within 24 hours of the completion of the game.


  • Reports any conduct or unsportsmanlike fouls assessed on coaches to MBO regional manager via Google spreadsheet (or whatever other data system manager uses).








MBOs will have the following qualifications:

  • At least one year of officiating experience.


  • Stellar evaluations from other MBOs regarding the individual’s general ability as ability as an official and general professional behavior.


  • The ability to critique and evaluate similarly aged friends and acquaintances on their officiating.


  • Timeliness and punctuality for all responsibilities listed above.



Working conditions


Lacrosse is a physical, competitive and intense game. As such, complete focus is required of all MBOs. Lacrosse is also an all-weather sport and the only permitted cancelations due to weather are for lightening and thunder. Be prepared with the appropriate and approved equipment. 


Physical requirements


In contrast to on-field officiating, the MBO role does not require individuals to be in stellar condition. This means those individuals who have extensive lacrosse experience and rules knowledge but are injured and unable to run can be MBOs. That said, many MBOs will also be on-field middle school, high school, and college officials and for that position stellar physical fitness if an absolute necessity.



Approved by:


Keith MacFie –WALOA Board Member and Head of Youth Training for Washington

Erik Smith – WALOA Board Member and Assignor of Officials

Chris Juergens – GELL (Eastside) MBO Regional Manager


June 2017


 Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes - 2019 By on September 17, 2018


1-6-2: Measuring the length of the head at the front (face) of the head.

1-7-1: The pocket/net must be completely attached to the head and the side walls, leaving no gaps large

enough for a ball to pass through.

1-9-1j: Beginning January 1, 2021, a goalkeeper chest protector designed for lacrosse that incorporates the

NOCSAE ND200 at the time of manufacture shall be used by all goalkeepers.

4-5-9: A shot is considered a ball propelled toward the goal by an offensive player with the intent of scoring

a goal. A shot can only be made when the ball is parallel to or above the goal line extended. Additionally, it

can be either thrown from a crosse, kicked, or otherwise physically directed.

4-9-3: If any of the following occur between the end of the period and the shot entering the goal, the goal

will be disallowed:

• a. The ball makes contact with any member of the attacking team or his equipment;

• b. The ball is touched by a player of either team other than the defending goalkeeper after hitting the goalkeeper or his equipment, goal posts or crossbar. 4-14-3: If the ball does not touch the center line or something over the center line, no infraction has

occurred. A defensive player may reach over the center line with his crosse and bat the ball to keep it in his

team's offensive half and thus prevent an over-and-back violation. However, he may NOT reach over the

center line and bat the ball with his foot or any other part of his body excluding his gloved hand wrapped

around his crosse. If he does so, it shall be a turnover.

5-4-4: A player shall not initiate a body check legally but slides up into or follows through to an opponent's

head or neck.

5-4-5: A player shall not body-check a player in a defenseless position. This includes but is not limited to: (a)

body-checking a player from his "blind side;" (b) body checking a player who has his head down in an

attempt to play a loose ball; and (c) body-checking a player whose head is turned away to receive a pass,

even if that player turns toward the contact immediately before the body check.

5-4-6: A player shall not initiate targeting, which is intentionally taking aim at the head/neck of an opponent

for the purpose of making violent contact. This could include a check with the crown of the helmet

(spearing) that targets the head or neck of an opponent. PENALlY: Three-minute, non-releasable foul. An

excessively violent violation of this rule may result in an ejection.

http://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-contenVboys-lacrosse-rules-changes-2019/# 1/2

9/18/2018 www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-contenUboys-lacrosse-rules-changes-2019/#

5-4-7: A player shall not initiate targeting that intentionally takes aim at a player in a defenseless position.

PENAL TY: Three-minute, non-releasable foul. An excessively violent violation of this rule may result in an


5-1 Oe: A coach who is on the field and obstructs play.

5-12-1 PENALTY: Three-minute non-releasable penalty for a player, substitute or non-playing team member

or a one-minute non-releasable penalty for a coach and ejection for the remainder of the game. The

ejected coach shall be removed from the premises (bench and field area). The ejected player, substitute or

non-playing team member shall be removed from the premises if there is authorized school personnel

present to supervise the ejected student. If no authorized school personnel is available, the student shall

be confined to the bench area. The sponsoring authority is responsible for notifying the appropriate school

of the ejection.

6-3-2a: A player shall not use the portion of the handle that is between his hands to hold an opponent,

when his hands are more than shoulder-width apart.

6-3-3e: Holding is permitted if a player uses the portion of the handle that is between his hands, which are

no more than shoulder-width apart, to hold an opponent on the torso with no more than equal pressure

and no thrusting motion.

6-5-2b(4): A player shall not exchange his crosse with that of a teammate during live play while the ball is in

either crosse.

6-11-2: A player in possession of the ball with both hands on his crosse shall not use his hand or arm to

push the body of the player applying the check. NOTE: Illegal body checks (5-3), "spearing" (5-4-3) and

unnecessary roughness (5-9-3 SITUATION E) shall be strictly enforced as personal fouls.