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"Our mission is to create a safe environment where lacrosse players can have fun while learning to play the game by the rules."

Note to parents: Being a successful lacrosse official requires a high level of responsibility and maturity. If a high school student has the requisite level of responsibility and maturity, he or she should be able to complete the process on his or her own. Because of that, we ask that parents refrain from e-mailing or calling on behalf of their children. If your child has a question or issue, please have your child address it with one of the instructors or training coordinators.

US Lacrosse 2-man mechanics: 


US Lacrosse 3-man mechanics:  


                                                            WALOA New Referee Checklist

 Please follow these steps to complete registration as a new official.

If you are a returning official, please see that section below.

1. WALOA Membership: Go to www.waloa.info/training follow directions for “Registration for the 2020 Season" '(see below this section)

    Use your own email and phone numbers NOT YOUR PARENTS!!!

2. US Lacrosse Membership: Update your USL membership to include "Official". CALL USL at (410) 235-6882 and have "Official" added to your profile.  Request 2020 NFHS Rule Book.

3. NFHS & Youth Rules Exams: Once you have added Official to your profile, go to www.uslacrosse.org/officials/rule-exams and take 2020 NFHS Boys exam (High School Officials) and 2020 US Lacrosse Youth exam.  


4. To get paid you must have an 

    Arbiter Account: Click on http://waloa.arbitersports.com/front/106941/registration to register in Arbiter as a ref. 

        When creating your account it is important to properly align yourself with your training region.

        This will not impact your ability to officiate in other regions.

        Youth Officials MUST align yourself with the region where you live.

  •    If you live in the NSYLA region enter "NSYLA" as your region
  •    If you live in the GELL region enter "GELL" as your region
  •    If you live in the SSYLA region enter "SSYLA" as your region
  •    If you live in the SMYLA region enter "SMYLA" as your region
  •    If you live in the Tri-Cities/Yakima region enter "CWLL" as your region
  •    If you live in the Greater Spokane region, enter "Spokane" as your region

5. Pay WALOA Membership FeePay $55 for youth officiating. Use your own email and phone numbers NOT YOUR PARENTS!!!


6. Arbiter RefPay: Go to www.refpay.com and set up an Arbiter Pay account.  Must have a bank account, bank routing number, email and phone number.  Use the same email for Arbiter, ArbiterPay, USL, and WALOA registration.  

Use your own email and phone numbers NOT YOUR PARENTS!!!


7. Purchase Uniform Items:

Order and purchase uniform items

There are three websites listed on WALOA training page.  You can choose to use any, but our recommendation is to go to www.zebrawear.com and select the “Stro” Elite starter pack.  It includes everything listed below except belt, shorts, pants, shoes and socks.  We suggest paying the extra $15 and have the patches sewn on. 

  Striped Shirt (with US Flag above left pocket) – USL Patch Optional

· Officials black hat with white piping 

· Fox 40 Whistle

· Flags (2)

· Pocket Tape Measure

· Scorecard/Pencil

· TIMER (mandatory for 7-8 and HS games)

· Black Golf Shorts with belt loops and pockets/Black Long Pants with belt loops and pockets.

· Black Running Shoes / cleats

· Black Belt

· Black ankle socks

· Black T-shirt 

8. Attend your Regional Training Sessions

  • All officials must attend their regional classroom session(s)
  • You may do a make-up session in another region.
  • Contact your Regional Trainer if you have any questions


                                        WALOA Returning Referee Checklist
  • Confirm the information in your Arbiter Account is current
    • Name, Address, phone #, email, Region, age, grade, etc
  • Pay your $55.00 annual WALOA Youth Officials Membership fee.  $75 for High School Officials.
  • NFHS & Youth Rules Exams:  Go to www.uslacrosse.org/officials/rule-exams and take 2020 NFHS Boys exam and 2020 US  Lacrosse Youth exam.  Either or BOTH MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE JANUARY 25 2020!
  • Attend your Regional Training Sessions 
    • Both classroom and Field training must be completed every year
    • See Training Schedule below
    • Contact your Regional Trainer if you have questions
                                     2020 TRAINING SCHEDULE


Western WA HS Training
Bertona building at Seattle Pacific University - 
January 18 -  8:30 to 1:00. 
At 1:30 we'll start the NCAA clinic for NILOA officials.

Central WA and Spokane area HS training will be advised when dates and locations are finalized.


South Sound (SSYLA):

2020 Update:

This year we will be offering training on TWO dates.

Every South Sound Official MUST attend ONE of the dates.
This is non-negotiable.
-Saturday, Feb 1st, 09:00-2:00, Bellarmine Prep HS
-Saturday, Feb 8th, 09:00-2:00, Bellarmine Prep HS
You will be assigned to ONE of these dates.
If you contact me to request to attend on the other date we can talk about it.
But you must attend at least one of these dates.

Field Training:
This year we will be providing the Field Training/Jamboree on TWO dates.
You MUST attend ONE of these dates.
This is non-negotiable.
- Feb 22nd, 08:00- until we are done, Curtis HS
- Feb 23rd, 08:00- until we are done, Curtis HS
We will be assigning officials to work specific games, so you will hopefully not have to be there all day.

Contact for Questions regarding South Sound Region: Jeff Bambrick: jbambrick@comcast.net  phone: (253) 579-2106

North Sound (NSYLA:

Where: Valley View Middle School, 14308 Broadway Ave in Snohomish

When:  Saturday, 1/25/20, 9:00am to 1:00pm

(9:00 AM to 11:15 AM inside the Viking Room, quick lunch break*, field training 3/4 scrimmage 11:15 to 1:00)

  Saturday, 2/01/20, 9:00am to 1:00pm

(9:00 AM to 11:15 AM inside the Viking Room, quick lunch break*, field training 5/6 or 7/8 scrimmage 11:15 to 1:00)

Who: All NSYL youth refs, MBO’s and trainees (others may attend if needed)

*Bring lunch/drinks

NYSL Jamboree

Saturday, 2/29 Kasch Park, 8811 Airport Rd in Everett. Times/Fields are still TBD

We will assign an AM crew and a PM crew

Contact for Questions regarding North Sound Region: Chris Cote: chrisccote@comcast.net  phone: (206) 669-3128

Greater Eastside (GELL):

Classroom Training - 26 January AND 8 February (Both required!!!)  10:00am - 3:00pm.  Bring your lunch.

                                    Location: Samamish Campus of CWU

                                                    120 228th Ave. NE  Samamish WA 98074        Room 201B

Field Training - February 29 2020, Kirkland Lacrosse Center, 9:00-6:00 (bring your lunch and warm clothes if weather is bad).  Full uniform!!!  Officials will be assigned specific times for field training.

March 1  8:00 - 10:00 Pine Lake Middle School, additional field training

Contact for Questions regarding Greater Eastside Region:

 Andy Assante: andy.assante@gmail.com 


 Aaron Koransky: akoransky@me.com

Seattle Metro (SMYLA):

Classroom and Field Training – February 9, 2020

Classroom Session  9:00am – Noon

Field Training  12:30 pm – 2:30pm

Location: Lakeside School, Allen Athletic Center (north end of campus – adjacent to main athletic field)

Bring your lunch.

Be prepared to be in full uniform for the Field Session, which will occur after the Classroom Session.

Contact for Questions regarding Seattle Metro Region: Ron Wright: rwright@rwaa.com

Tr-Cities/Yakima (CWLL)

Saturday, January 25, 2020, 9am-3pm

Kennewick Nazarene Church, 2402 S Union St, Kennewick, WA 99338

Contact for Questions regarding CWLL RegionJennifer Gibson, 3riversgibson@gmail.com


Youth and High School Officials

HS Game Officials: February 8th 2020, Gonzaga Prep High School , Times TBA

Youth Game Officials: February 29th, 2020, Gonzaga Prep HS, Times TBA

Contact for Questions regarding Spokane Training Sessions:  Frank Lynch, franklynch@xmission.com

Using Arbiter
How To Set Up Blocks: 



You are required to have a complete uniform for the field training sessions, and for working any games this season.
The common sources for starter packages are: