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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a lacrosse officials uniform and where can I get one?
A: Black hat with white piping, stripped shirt, black shorts with pockets and belt loops (no cargo shorts or gym shorts), Fox-40 whistle, two yellow flags, 20-Second Timer, low black socks, black shoes, measuring tape, scorecard, pencil.

You can order uniform and equipment from ZebraWear, Honigs and the Officials Corner. (A Lacrosse Officials Starter Package is typically available)

Q: When are Lacrosse games played (days and times)?
A: High School Lacrosse games are played primarily during the week (Mon – Fri), though there are some games (when travel times are long for teams  where there might be a Saturday or even a Sunday game. Game times will also vary depending upon a JV game before Varsity game and how much travel is required for  the visiting team, but in general, games start between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm and last approximately 2 hrs.  Youth games are played on Saturdays and Sundays, some during weekdays.

Q: What are the requirements for becoming an official?
A: There are several requirements:
  1. Become a US Lacrosse member, designated as an OFFICIAL.
  2. Register at WALOA and pay the yearly Dues.
  3. Attend mandatory training sessions.  See the Training link for upcoming sessions and materials.
  4. Pass the US Lacrosse tests administered by US Lacrosse.
  5. Purchase a lacrosse official's uniform.
Both the US Lacrosse and Arbiter databases use your email address to link information. Make sure you use the exact same email for both your US Lacrosse Membership and the WALOA registration. You need to be designated as an OFFICIAL in the US Lacrosse database. If you already have a US Lacrosse membership as a coach or player, but not as an official, you need to contact US Lacrosse Membership to add the OFFICIAL designation. Without this designation, you will not be able to access the required tests.

Once the season begins, you will also be evaluated throughout the year to determine your performance and future assignments.  Evaluations help WALOA improve an official's skills with specific positive feedback and ensures that officials are matched to games in order to be successful.

Q: How many games might I expect to do in a season?
A: That answer lies with you - you can work with the Assigner to ensure that your personal schedule does not interfere with your officiating, but be careful - repeated 'turned back' assignments or even worse, not showing up for an assigned game (!) will potentially impact your future assignments.  WALOA is looking for officials to work between 10-20 games a year to cover all of the boy's HS, JV, F/S and Youth games.  You will be using www.arbitersports.com to manage assignments.

Q: How does a lacrosse official move up the ranks to do the 'big games?'
A: It usually takes 3-4 years to become a good lacrosse official.  An official's skill is based on their experience and the amount of work that they put into the game.  WALOA moves officials up the ranks based on peer evaluations, official evaluations and feedback from coaches.  Each time an official hits the field, there is a chance to make an impression in order to move up the ranks.

Q:  Is this an illegal stick?
A:  Yes.  3 minute USC, unreleasable.

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